Create A Movie Montage With Flashback for iOS


If you’re like me, then you have tons of pictures and videos of your family.  I usually take hundreds of photos with my phone anytime we take a family trip.   For instance, when we went to the zoo I took nearly 200 photos of the animals and the kids (my animals).   It’s nice

Is An iPad Pro On The Horizon?

ipad pro

Ever dream of a big 13″ iPad? You’re not alone. Rumors of an iPad Pro have been going around for quite a while now. Apple hasn’t announced anything officially yet, but there’s a good chance you might actually see such a device in the future. The company is doing really well – with billions of

Dr. Fone for iOS Review

dr. fone

This site is dedicated to mobile business apps but occasionally we have to expand our range a bit.  Today we’re looking at a Windows app, Dr. Fone for iOS, which lets you recover deleted data from your iOS device.  The prevalence of iPhones and iPads in today’s business environment means that sometimes critical data could

Developer Submission: Shopping List Planner Lite

DEVELOPER SUBMITTED POST – This post was generated via our app submission form. The content here is from the developer and does not necessarily reflect the views of Small Biz Dad. Shopping List Planner Lite is an easy-to-use iPhone app helps you create a shopping list, manage it and optimize its use. It makes shopping

6 iPad Apps for Attorneys

ipad apps for attorneys

The iPad isn’t just a gadget but an innovative tool that will revolutionize the way you practice law in your firm or make your life easier as a law student.   There are many iPad apps for Attorneys.  Whether you want to operate a paperless office, work remotely, telecommute or have a virtual law practice,

Step Up Your Game With These iOS Business Apps

business apps

No matter how much you enjoy your daily dealings in the world of business there must be times when you could use a little help. It may be related to those pesky travel arrangements or perhaps your expenses are a weak link in your business ‘armor’. We all have a particular aspect of day to

3 iPhone Productivity Apps You May Not Have Heard Of

iphone productivity apps

The iPhone is a popular phone but is it popular with business users?  There are many iPhone productivity apps out there but many users aren’t concerned with that…they are more concerned with games or media apps.  But as the iPhone make more inroads into the business sector, iPhone productivity apps become more  important. Personally I

Top 3 Paid iPad Productivity Apps

ipad productivity app

Today I have a quick post with the list of top paid iPad productivity apps.  Many of these apps will work with both iPhone and iPad but not necessarily all so be sure to check out the description closely iPad Productivity Apps 1. Pages – Pages is a word processor designed for iOS and works

Top 7 Free iPad Apps For Business

ipad app

There is nothing better than a free app (except for a really good paid one). Apple has never been big on free apps, but over the last few years they seem to have changed direction a little bit. This may be because they now have over 700,000 apps available, so their money making potential is