Amelia River Cruises Saved My Family Vacation

You may think the title of this post is a bit melodramatic but you’d be wrong.  My family and I took a short family vacation to Amelia Island last week and it started off a bit rocky.  Before I get ahead of myself, here’s a little info on Amelia Island.  Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach

9 Must Have Mobile Apps For Traveling

apps for traveling

If you love travelling, you certainly want everything to be in the perfect place and well organized to eliminate the hassles that can possibly happen during your travel period. Travelling can cause you significant stress especially when you travel unprepared without any tool to use to assist you in all your travelling needs. Keeping your

4 Apps For Chauffeurs And Private Drivers

Anyone who operates their own private driver or limousine service – or who simply works for one – will tell you that there are a variety of concerns that can manifest when out on call. One of the biggest problems with any private driver fleet is the level of communication that it takes to keep

Sleep Application for iPhone

If you travel for work, then you know how tough it can be when you can’t fall asleep.  I was recently working away from home and in a hotel where it was entirely too quiet.  The air conditioner usually makes enough noise for me to sleep…but this hotel had a silent AC.  That was tough


So,  you may have noticed that I haven’t posted an article in several days.   We’ll,  don’t worry… I haven’t been taken by the zombie apocalypse.  I’m actually on vacation. It’s important for us all to relax and rewind every now and then. I don’t even have my laptop with me.   I’m writing this post on

Press Release: Adelman Travel Releases Mobile App


If your company has a travel policy (and most do) then you know that your reimbursement depends on whether you follow it.  I had a trip to New Orleans last summer for my day job and I had to make sure that I stayed within per diem and paid the appropriate amount for parking. I

8 Windows Phone Apps For Business Travel

business travel

Apps are highly beneficial for working professionals around the world. They help in systematizing  collecting and organizing official files and documents. For business men and women on the move, there are numerous apps which could be of great help to them during business travel. If you are a business person with a Windows phone, the following apps would

Travel Expense for Android

travel expense

Last week I visited a client for a consult on a new project.  It was an hour drive and then we went to lunch.  The good thing about these expenses is that they are tax deductible.  But here is what will happen next year when I start doing my taxes…”when did I go there? how

Travelocity – Flight+Hotel+Car for Android

Travel is a part of life for many business people.   I use Travelocity online to book most of my travel.  There are many, especially sales people, who are on the road constantly.  Therefore, it would make sense to have a few good travel apps tucked away to help remove the stress from finding flights,